Trump will not run for president. Mark my words. He wants to keep the money spigot open and as long as he can keep making money off the morons that follow him. He wants to be king is what he wants and all these wannabe trumps will have to go through The Apprentice style audition to be his chosen one. Even his niece, Mary Trump (who has been spot on) is saying he wont run again.

Mark this up to our insane election cycles and trying to curry favor with Trump in the hopes that they can capture some of his base. The actuarial numbers on a 74 year old that eats hamberders and french fries every day and gets almost no exercise is quite against him. Then if the Biden administration has their way, trump will be so tied up in court cases around 2023 he won't be able to mount a serious campaign.

For all those reasons, he won't run.

Steve is passionate about food, good drinks, politics and anything outdoors.

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